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To home-owners, SAKTEC offers sealing after polishing, first sealing in case their stone floors and walls have not been sealed before or re-sealing if considerable time has passed since your stone was last sealed or installed.  


To contractors and stone installers, we offer our service for after stone installation top surface sealing or pre-installation six sided sealing. 

What is sealing? 


Sealing is a process of stone protection where a specially formulated liquid called a sealer is used to 'seal' the surface of the stone by penetrating the stone and protecting from within. The desirable qualities of a good sealer should be its ability to protect against water and oil based stains leaving the stone finish looking natural while allowing the stone to breathe.


Once a stone is sealed it blocks stains and gives you time to react and clean the stain spills on the stone surface thereby protecting the stone. These penetrating sealers/impregnators keep contaminants out, but do not stop the interior moisture from escaping. These products are considered “breathable,” meaning they have vapor transmission.

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