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About Us

SAKTEC consists of a team of skilled & meticulous individuals catering to the restoration requirements of the stone and tile installation industry professionals and home owners. The team is lead by 10 years of stone installation and maintenance industry experience in UAE and the Middle-East, working with world class stone installation companies and products from USA and Europe on prestigious projects.

SAKTEC answers the call to provide quality professional results for stone restoration. This involves the implementation of the correct cleaning and problem solving techniques for issues with stone and tile installation(floors, countertops, walls) for deep cleaning, stain removal or application of sealers for the protection of natural stone, while taking care to avoid long term side effects on the finish of the stone.


SAKTEC achieves high gloss polished floors with long lasting performance. Whether it is repolishing with twister diamond pads or frankfurt abrasives, recrystalization or usage of repolishing compounds to restore shine, Sakina Stone Restoration Team is skilled and technically sound to provide quality long lasting results. 

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